About Us

A work of art or, simply, the art of making shoes! 

Telling about us is telling about you, telling about your desire of walking with a pair of Haute Couture shoes purchased at the right market price.

Yes, because what distinguishes us is the strength that made MA&LÒ one of the most appreciated Brands of the world.

With more than 60 years of history to be told, totally Made In Italy, talking about our ability in creating, designing and making stunning shoes may seem reductive.

We are not even here to talk about the enormous value that stands behind each and every shoe, totally made in Casette dEte, in the region of Marche, the beating heart of the most important footwear district in Italy.

We want to go beyond and talk about you, about us, about the dream we share: wearing Haute Couture shoes, totally made in Italy, put on the market at the right price!

And we want to talk about our dynamism and the speed with which we create products bound to mark the future trends.

Since another huge strong point of MA&LÒ is the ability of knowing in advance the trends of the years to come.

The people behind MA&LÒ are the same that support the most prestigious Haute Couture Brands in the creation and production of their lines of shoes. An added value few can boast.

So really, with an healthy ego, we can state that we are able to make shoes with art!